12 October 2014

Thankful For Fall Quilt D9P

My 9-patches disappeared.

I've been working on yet another fall quilt.
I wanted this one to have a little more color--
maybe make it a little more scrappy.

Fall has blue skies, right?

Well, I guess I didn't mean that scrappy.
The little orange squares don't pop out quite as much
as I'd planned, nor do they bring it together quite
as much as I'd hoped...but I suppose that's okay. 

 I asked my siblings for their honest opinions.  
When one replied that he liked it & that he thinks 
"it's nice and homey," I'm not sure
he realized his positive comment meant he'd be
getting it but I suppose he will soon enough!  

 That means I only have 2 out of 6 siblings left
suprise with a quilt.  Do you ever wish you could 
make a quilt for everyone you know? 
I know that's not possible but I figure I can at least
start with my family and work my way around, eh?

Anyway, another quilt top done and, because I
finally stocked back up on batting, I have plans to
baste and quilt both this week.

I decided to add a small border to this one, too.

Oh, I do love quilt season!

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