10 October 2014

Shooting For These Finishes

Absolutely gorgeous out today!
The leaves have started turning and we're finally

getting some rain!  Dark clouds, temp about 50'.

A beautiful coffee-y, quilty day!
SO, sitting in my sewing room for inspiration,
I have come up with what I think is a pretty aggressive 
to-finish list for the last few months of the year.
With a complete kitchen re-do begining in another week
or so, hosting a big wine-tasting party in my home
and the holidays coming up quickly, 
I'm going to have lots of excuses--credible ones,
 even--to slack off so I've decided to try out 
Katy's Finish Along Quarter 4 
(The Littlest Thistle
to make sureget it all done!

1) Let It Snow
Just needs basted and quilted.

2)  Thankful It's Fall
Started this D9P just a few days ago and have
my 16 9-patches made.  Time for them to disappear!
As always, trying to diminish my fall fabric stash.
Not sure about my fabric choices...but I guess I'm in for 'em now!

3)  Table/candle mat & table runner
Both need to be made very soon as they are for
birthday gifts for two friends.  Grabbing a star block from
from one of my favorite resources.  This has been
a well-loved and often-used book for me! 
The simple stars are found on the hutch under
the book's name.

Planning on using the same fabrics for both.

I've really slacked way off on using coupons,
mainly because I never have them with me. 

I'm not Super Coupon Clipper, but if I would just 
go back to even some of my old organizational ways,
it would be so simple to save $5 here and there, 
maybe even $10. 
That's coffee money.  Or fabric money.
Take your pick.
Bought this pattern off of Craftsy; I'm sure I'll save
the $5.50 I spent in week one of using my organizer.

5)  Red/Gray/White Christmas
I've seen this around for a while and, oh joy!  
I just found it on the clearance rack while on 
my shop hop!  Hey, maybe that's what I'll call the quilt:
"Oh Joy!"
Seriously.  This fabric makes my heart happy.

Have several quilt patterns in mind but
not sure yet--definitely something with red stars tho.
I also picked up a yard each of a red and a gray.
Found this pic on Pinterest (no website to credit to?).
I like this...but just a tad more scrappy and,
while I like the idea there with the gray star, 
I don't think it stands out like it probably should.

Ok, so this is a no-brainer.  
Then why haven't I made any yet??

I want to make several.
A few for gifts? One for each season? 

I have these scraps picked out for fall and spring.
Summer is pointless--I never have time to sew then.
Lots of wintery fabric scraps around here, too.

7)  Blue Christmas
Got these holiday fat quarters a couple years ago.
There's also some extra (on left) for backing or border.
I don't know if this project qualifies because I'm not sure
what quilt I'm doing with it yet but I wanted it on my list.

I made this poinsettia quilt (below) a few years ago and 
have always wondered what it would look like in blue,
with a silvery poinsettia.  Should I make another
with this fabric?

 Or...tone down the "Christmas" idea
by just keeping it a winter-themed quilt.  I seem to
be getting enough Christmas quilts made,
and they don't really fit "all winter."  So maybe this one?

This would be quick and easy but I'm also kind of wanting
to get back to making more traditional styled quilts.
Oh, let's just leave this one open for now!

8)  New kitchen accesories:  towels & hot pads



I'm going to have a new kitchen so I'll be needing new
pot holders.  Lots of them.  

Hey, why not some new towels, too?
In time for the holidays.
I have my Insul-Brite.  I have some cute buttons. 
I've pinned a billion little ideas.
But, really, these are more no-brainers.

Knitting...I'll save that for after Christmas & Q1, I guess,
but I have some gloves, socks & a baby blanket to finish,
scarves & boot cuffs in mind, etc. etc.

SO, there is most of my list.  
This is about half of what I want to get done.
I have several other projects at least going on 
in my head but I'm not organized enough yet
to have them all down here.  I may add 
them in over the weekend, or even tonight.
Either way, this is not a limit--this is my beginning!
I planning on sewing & quilting to my heart's
content all the way to the new year!

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