23 October 2014

Till I Finish My Quilt Today...

Life happened and I didn't quite finish
my quilting but today is open.

Because of the poor quality batting, it will just have
to be a "keeper".  Sigh.  It would have been fun 
to give at Christmas.  Another quilt lesson learned.

As usual, I came back home this morning to Chloe on the front steps.

I was able to return that yucky batting

and exchange it for the better stuff.  Whew.

It's good to have it out of the house.

Well, off to finish 'er up.

I should have time left today to start cleaning windows. 
Uh...hmm...wait a minute.  

Quilting should really not be rushed, you know... 

I'm also tossing a few of these into the oven this morning.
I'm a little freaked out at not having an oven for a couple weeks
so I want to get some pumpkin puree made up.

OK, you know what's funny?
I seriously just finished typing that "shhh" and the

phone rang.  Kitchen re-do stuff.  That's 
going to cost me an hour but I should still be ok.
Renovations finally have an official start date:  Oct. 31!

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Katy Cameron said...

Well I hope you got your quilting done...

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