01 October 2014

Hello, October

We seem to have different ideas about how to
bring in the wonderful month of October.
Chloe would like to sleep on a quilt.
I would just like to finish a quilt.
One is going to have to happen 
before the other, Chloe!  
(quickly snapped cell pics while in the middle of quilting)

Happy wonderful October, everyone.

The windows are thrown open and I have my coffee.
And I have no where to be until it's time to pick up
my son from school.
My high-schooler has football practice right after
school so that simplifies things greatly.
(private schools--no bus)

I will happily be finishing "Fall Graces" today.
I settled on this name because I pieced it last year
when we were graced with one more fall, 
and Christmas, with my mom before things got worse.
So, yes, I will complete this before the shop hop...
but, sadly, not "Let It Snow."

When I ran out of batting
and the store was out of batting
(apparently everyone is quilting)
I took it as a sign that I just needed to slow it down
a little.  Schedules and deadlines are all well and good...
until they make you rush through something that 
should be fun and enjoyable.

I like little "memos" from God like that.
I hope we can all hear a little helpful memo
today that might be just what we're needing. 

Still shooting for getting the backing for 
Let It Snow made up.  Hopefully I have
some binding fabric to work on as well.  
If not...well, shop hop, here I come!
For now, back to Fall Graces...

(Ugh.  I turn my back and Chloe is on it again!)

1 comment:

Debbie said...

I love the sentiment you are stitching into Fall Graces....and it is beautiful.

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