02 October 2014

Fall Graces

Yep, I completed it this morning.

Kind of wrinkly-looking in the pic, huh?
It's just that "fresh off the machine" look.
(Easy, breezy:  Cover Quilt.)

Loops/hearts in the blocks (tan), 
a little meandering in the sashing (brown) 
and then, my all-time favorite to quilt,
pumpkins all around the border (gold).

What's the best part about a finish?
That you're finished?
Or that you get to start something new?
And when you are ready to start something new,
are you the type that grabs something off of a
long, running list, or do you go looking for inspiration?
Or does it take you hours/days to settle on something
because this is a highly unusual situation you've 
suddenly found yourself in and you must choose wisely?

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Wow...so pretty! You are on a roll for finishes girl! Love your pumpkins in the border too. A new start is generally what is at the top of the list of desired projects to do.....unless otherwise inspired!

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