02 October 2014

Did I Finish? And, TBT: A Visit to Some Old Quilts

Ok, so I didn't quite get it done yesterday.
But I wasn't planning on the house hitting 85'.
I gave up.  I caved.  It was hot!
But I quilted the whole thing and even attached the first
part of the binding--just need to flip it over and sew.
I even made a label.

Here's a sneak peak at the quilting.
I love love love to quilt pumpkins!

I'm getting my oil changed this morning
(for all that Shop Hop driving this weekend!)
but after that, I'll head home to finish it up.

Not to give up completely on quilts, I decided to
air out some old ones that were stored away.
If you promise not to judge harshly, I'm going to 
share a couple of the first quilts that I ever made,
just to tide things over till The Big Finish.

A Quilty Throw-Back-Thursday.

This was the first quilt top that I ever made--
I went on to make two split-rail pattern quilts
(maybe I'll pull those out next Thursday?)
before I came back to finish this one.  
The quilting on this is barely passable but I'm
pretty proud of the hand-applique.  For a newbie,
it's not too shabby and it took a lot of time.  
(I meant to get a closer pic!)

I made this one not long after.  I was starting to 
get the bug and a block of the month sounded pretty
do-able...even though I was still kind of just fumbling
my way through these things.
I found this on HGTV.com around '03 or so.
Obviously, it's this little house through the 12 months
of the year.  All made up in, shall we say,
economy fabrics.  
(Walmart isn't too far away--I didn't know any better, nor could I afford learning
on that other stuff, let alone get the hubs on board with my new hobby that way!)

(Ok, and I was too scared to go into a real quilting shop with real quilters
that would surely look down their noses at me!)

Again, please be kind--my sewing is kinda lame
but there are still some creative things here.
This is the August block. Note the starfish charm
on the door and the two anchor charms hanging
in a net that I did my best to attach.

A May-pole with real ribbons for May's block.
(no idea how I can ever wash this thing!)

April brings in some Easter colors 
and flowers in the window box.

And in the wheel barrow.  

I really don't know much--ok, anything--about embroidery 
but I think the French knots are stinking cute on here.

June's silo has some fuzzy straw.
Lots of other little embellishments, especially 
buttons, makes this whole thing kind of unique.
September has a basket of apples button;
January has a shiny fabric-paint snowflake.

And then the fabrics all show up again in the 
border.  This was a blast to make so I love 
this quilt...but I have no idea what to do with it.
At the time, my young daughter wanted it--it's
still hers if she knows what to do with it!

Here's one more quilt just because I had it out.
You can't tell but there are other colors of dots in the 
pale green fabric, including that teal.

I made two of these baby quilts at the same time.
A friend was having a baby and I wanted to let her 
choose.  Both were pretty gender-neutral 
but the other did have more blues, and she did end
up having a boy so, good choice.
This one was put away for a gift, or for my 
own grandkids some day.

And that concludes our QTBT.
Stay tuned for my Fall Graces finish later today!
I promise!

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