13 October 2014

Coupon Organizer Finish

Cross off coupon organizer from my list of to-do's.

It's perfect quilting/sewing weather today!
Here's the view out my front door.
Raining since last night, 50' and windy.

Because I'd rather spend all of my time making
rather than a good chunk of it designing,
I bought a pattern off of Craftsy and whipped
my little quilted coupon organizer out in no time.

If I were to make any changes, it would be 
for the handle to be a little thinner.
The bag itself is bigger than I need; I just don't
have that many coupons...but then I decided
to put ALL coupons in there--not just the grocery
store but other specialty stores like
Bed, Bath & Beyond and Bath and Body Works, 
oil change coupons, etc.

The entire bag can attach to the front of a 
shopping cart.  Nifty, huh?
I keep my grocery list on my phone so
it will be nice to keep it in the front pocket as I shop.  
The back pocket can hold the coupons I'm currently using.
I also keep a running menu--I stay about a month
ahead--on my phone but a hard copy of the whole
month will be a great reference when watching what is 
currently on sale so I'll slip that in the organizer, too.
There is a pen holder on one side and a clip on the 
other for membership/special points cards, etc.

The designer thought of everything.
It's more of a "shopping organizer" than just
a coupon organizer.

And my messy pile of never-used 
coupons has gone away.

I'm anxious to try this out for a few weeks to see
if having "everything and more" all in one spot is worth
hauling that bag around, though it does kind of look 
like a little purse--I could just slip my wallet inside
and use it as it one.
(A little dark for taking pictures today but I'd also rather spend time in 
the sewing room rather than try to get the perfect picture!)

Another finish for me,
and back to "work" I go!


Debbie said...

Now that is a good idea! I never have the coupons I need when I go out. Good finish!

Katy Cameron said...

Perfect sewing weather!

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