14 October 2014

Another Basting Day

I decided yesterday's gloriously rainy weather
was perfect for some quilt basting...

...with the door open!

I'm not sure how sane this was as it was
rather cold but the sound of the wind and rain was so
soothing and the fresh air felt great.  Time flew
and quilt #1 is now completely basted.

I moved on to #2, deciding on the table method.
All set up but I had to stop for a little football action.
(another win--both boys' teams are undefeated!)

After the game, I was conned into allowing
take-out to be ordered. Truly.  Conned.
I'm a little disturbed by how well my son 
played me on this but I have to admit:

1)  I was starving.
3)  I wanted to get back to my quilt 

So, because I sort of took part in it, 
I let this behavior go...this time.

I worked on into the evening but, because my 
mother-in-law has been wanting to learn to quilt, I 
left a little for this morning so she could learn about basting. 
I'm really a terrible teacher, especially when hyped up 
on caffiene, but I am always happy to help others
get sucked into 
to learn about my favorite hobbies.

I would love to say this little productive spurt of mine
will be continuing tomorrow but, alas...
it will not.  Hoping next week will give me a
few free days, too!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I could never baste on the floor. My knees and back would go out. I baste on my dining room table. I start in the middle, then move it to one side. When that side is done, I move it to the other side. My oldest son is great at helping me get all the layers really smooth and even.

Katy Cameron said...

I always baste on the floor (since I'm lacking a table to baste on) but learned that crawling around on uneven bricks outside to baste (at our weekend away) was very sore on the knees!

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