19 September 2014

Winter Stitching List '14 - '15

I can't believe I just wrote "15".
As in "2015".

Who has their winter stitching list ready?

Really, I will get a newer pic soon!

This one is all quilted--I'm putting the binding on it
today!  I cannot WAIT to move on to
my other finishes, and then, new projects!
Allergies have had me rather lethargic this
past week so it feels good to get excited about 
something!  I'm telling you, if it's not the allergies
it's the meds--and I try not to take much, if any.
"Non-drowsy" is a joke.
Looking forward to that first freeze of the season!

Anyway, of course I made a list. 
I perused my Pinterest boards, hoping to find all 
kinds of projects that I couldn't resist...

But instead, I found that I think I just want to wait 
to see what the mood brings when my 
UFO's are done.  So, while I feel the list is a good
start, it's also kind of "to be continued".

I did find one quilt that really has my interest.

Am I crazy?  The theme is so similar to my own
UFO that I may not want to tackle the above quilt
by the time I finish my Fall Frenzy, which is next up
on my to-do's.  
(Now there's a thought!  How nice would it be to get all of

these done before winter is even here!?)

I do think it'd be a great way to use up more of my
fall fabrics, of which I have waaaay too many...
Oh wait.  Is that even possible?
Well, I want to use the older ones up at least. 
And what good is fabric if you don't use it?

I would love to see what everyone else is
planning on this winter.
Drop me a line and a link!

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Katy Cameron said...

Ha, good luck with all that! I've just stopped listing mine, but let me put it this way, I'm away for a long weekend quilting retreat in a couple of weekends and I already have about 8 WIPs packed to pick and choose from...

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