24 September 2014

This Would Do So Much For My Scrap Basket!

(Bear with me here as I attempt to post from my iPad for the first time.
Not to be archaic.  It's just that this speed typist gets frustrated typing that slowly so
I have just avoided posting from it altogether...but this is like a Special Announcement  
Or something.)

Fons and Porter just posted this on Facebook.
And then left us hanging!  
Hello?!  Directions?  
It took about 5 minutes of staring at it but somehow I
went from "eh" to "hmm" to "Oh!" to "Holy Shop Hop!  I think I'm going to attempt it!"

Hopefully they'll send out more info soon so I can properly attribute this.
I pretty much just lifted the photo from FB.  

They have since added this info:  Courthouse Stars


Debbie said...

Star block alternating with Courthouse steps blocks. should be able to do with an actual pattern. Pick your size, pick your main colors and let scraps do the rest. Have fun.

Katy Cameron said...

I fear it would do much for your scrap basket, but little for your sanity ;o)

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