01 September 2014

Switching Gears & A Finish or Three

Taking a break from the garden fresh-recipes,
though I still have lots I want to post.

My mantle quilt is already out.  Too fall too early?  Never!
Fall doesn't last near long enough so I stretch it!

It's just that I decorated for fall today,
which got me really thinking of what projects
I want to get started on right away,
and then which ones will be more fun
 as the temperatures drop.

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge
list-maker so here's the beginning of my list:

This guy is begging to be quilted. 
I've promised it to a family friend for a long time now.

It's even all basted and ready to go.
I'm so ready to send it on its way;
it's even sitting out, just waiting...

I don't think I ever posted a picture of this
next quilt top actually put together.

I jumped into this one last fall and had so much fun 
with it that I can't wait to get back to it.  
All scraps.  All random blocks.

Sometimes lots of little pieces,
but always lots of fall color.

My goal is to get this one basted and quilted 
before the first day of fall.

 I try to be one of those people who don't start new
projects till at least most of the old ones are done.
These are my almost-done projects; more are waiting
in other stages, some just piles of fabric with a mission.
I may have multiple ones going at a time but I do
know my limit, and right now I think I've reached it.

I have a couple of finishes from some time ago that 
I'm not sure I ever posted so I guess I'll start 
my favorite quilting season off with those.
(It also might have a little something to do with just possibly being 
a teensy bit jealous of everyone else's finishes I'm always seeing...)

Sorry for the blurry pic but it's the only one
I have of this very simple quilt that's also 
the guest list from my daughter's wedding.

I believe I last left off with this next quilt when I was
basting it.  I prefer doing them on the floor 
but sometimes I'll use the table method.

I actually got that one quilted, too...
sometime in the spring, or was it in the winter?

I don't really remember.  Things got rough about then.
I do remember really enjoying the quilting.  I've never
done this specific random quilting before.  If I'd known 
I'd be this happy with it, I would've done it sooner.

I always thought it would look messy but discovered
that, when looking at the big picture, I love it.  
I'm going to do the American quilt up there in the 
same way, especially because I'll just be getting
back into it and I'm kind of in a hurry.   Plus, I think
a man would prefer simple, no-frills quilting.

Another surprise?  I despise solid fabrics so I 
never thought I'd keep this one...till I finished it.
(I still feel, for me, this is the only acceptable use of solid fabric:
that retro look to set off these feedsack fabrics.)

It totally grew on me!  I now use this lap quilt 
almost every time we watch a movie.  
Going to have to snap a better pic of this.
It's one of those quilts that makes you happy
to use it.  I rarely ever get sick, knock on wood,
but if/when I do, I think I'll be requesting this one.

And lastly.

An I-Spy quilt made from a disappearing 9-patch.

Yet another surprise, I wasn't real sure what to think
of this one as I made it.  I gave a friend carte blanche
in choosing a quilt for her new baby.  Okay, I was 
expecting to do something real traditional but hey,
who am I to argue with easy!?!

Another one that really wasn't my taste at first but
it did turn out pretty fun and I think it'll keep the
little guy's eyes busy.  And when he gets a little older, 
it should help to build vocabulary.  

Yet another way of looking at quilts,  
this one doubles as a game.

This just had so much going on that I nixed any
borders, plus, it was already the right size.  
I then struggled to find a suitable binding.
Even though the binding is a busy fabric, 
somehow it still helps pull the quilt together.

Clearly I need to work on taking better pictures, 
but these were actually just snapped quickly to 
message to my sisters throughout the process.

So here I was pouting that I hadn't any finishes
when I actually have three!  I know many have
reached double-digits for the year but hey, 
my real quilt season is just getting started!

Our porch last fall.  Just waiting on the pumpkins 
to ripen for this year's display!

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Katy Cameron said...

You did a great job on those finishes, happy new quilting season!

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