18 September 2014

First Fall Picking

Hello there.

Chloe, looking ferocious...but really just yawning.

The weather has been pretty up and down here.
One minute it's quilting weather.
And the next, the a/c has to go back on.
Today, I kind of have both going.  Windows
are thrown open because I'm a sucker for fresh
air...but, the afternoon temps may ruin that.
(I know, it's not very economical.)

On my last post, I got back on track with the
quilting that has/has not been going on around here.
I am happy to announce that I did get started 
on quilting the America quilt.  And was again
reminded why I don't necessarily like to make big quilts.
They're all kinds of fun till it's time to quilt on the machine.
And then you just need patience and time.
Quite often, I'm short on both.

Which is why I stopped.  Never a good idea 
to quilt when you're not feeling it.  
Going right back at it today, though, so that I
can move on to my fall quilt and stay on schedule.

Speaking of fall...

The pumpkins and gourds are showing up
on the front porch.  

Here's the first picking.  

Sadly, the bunnies have really taken a liking to 
the "Red Warty Things" (yes, that's their real name).
What really stinks is that I planted every seed in the 
package and these are the only two that showed up.
And look how awful they are.
What kind of fall display is that!?!

I'm guessing they'll have to be tossed within the week.
I really hate rabbits.  
Hate them.  Hate them.  Hate them. 

Now, thinking happier thoughts,
I should have a finished quilt for my next post.

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Linda said...

You are so right...patience and time! I tend to do short bursts of freemotion quilting. My eyes get kinda crazy sometimes. So I have a cutting project that I switch between so I dont have to take my quilting project out from under the needle. Always so many things on the go! Your quilt looks wonderful.

Katy Cameron said...

Wascally wabbits... ;o)

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