24 September 2014

First Finish of the Fall

Clouds, thunder, sprinkles and cool breezes have
been nudging me to the sewing machine.
The Starbucks Live channel is going on Pandora
and I'm enjoying a latte.  
We could really use a big rain.
We'd have a colorful fall instead of a dead one.
And I can do my fall window cleaning.  
(There's no point when it's dry and dusty out--I wait till the rain settles
things down and, hopefully, the wind switches to the north most of the time.

The squirrels are burying
all of our pecans (grrr) and walnuts about the yard
and in my gardens...because I enjoy pulling saplings
out all spring and summer, of course. (grrr)

So, hey, enough growling about squirrels!  
I finished a quilt!
(much more entertaining)

Here it is, in all its glory.  Literally.
All about 'merica here.

Simple quilting.  Honestly, it's not the best
quilting but, as usual, when you see the big
picture, it's fine.  Besides, what guy is going 
to ever notice.
(Quilting larger quilts aren't my fav.)

He's real "in" to the America thing so I 
went with eagles on the back.  

I tried to get a great pic outside yesterday
but it was too windy.  Today, everything outside
is wet with the light rain.  I gave up trying to be 
oh-so-careful to not get it dirty, brought it inside
and tossed it on the couch.

I went for the thrown-over-a-chair look
but it's 81"X81" and just too big.
A good "mellowing" in the wash would
help that, too.

Looks like fun over here, huh?
Quilts everywhere!  I'm a quilt squirrel!
(who's had too much coffee??)
I am looking forward to quilting this one next.
I put the border on it yesterday--and I meant for a 
4" border.  So what did I cut?  4" strips.
Sigh.  It's now a 3.5" border. 
I'm just excited that I finished something.

It's a little smaller so I should be able to do a 
better job with the quilting.  

9 days till the shop hop.
One quilt down, 2 to go.

Today I'm having a second electrician over to give
us a bid on his part of our kitchen make-over.
I got quoted $1,200 for the LED strip lighting
for under the upper cabinets from the last guy.
That's a bit of an investment and it sounds like there
are all kinds of options there so I'm hoping this next one 
can shed...er...uh...yeah...
shed some light on it all for me.
(Sorry about that...I really wasn't trying to be all pun-y and stuff.)

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Debbie said...

Great man quilt! Good job. A finish always gives a boost. The border on the next one looks fine to me!

Katy Cameron said...

I go with the 'blind man on a trotting horse' theory with quilting ;o)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt finish!

Unknown said...

How pretty! I only quilt in the winter and I am ready!

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