19 September 2014

Do You Shop-Hop? Go With The Plan!

There is one day of the year that I set aside just 
for me:  the regional quilt shop hop.

I know most quilters around here grab the biggest 
vehicle among their quilty friends and party their way 
together through south-central Kansas. 

Maybe this makes me odd but that is the
 time of the year when I am just so ready
to get away from everything around here
that I usually go it alone.

 takes place the first weekend in October.
For me, this is the end of a crazy-busy summer.
I've ran kids around, gardened and preserved and 
cooked like mad without taking any time off.
And just when summer ends, when I'm really dying for
a "free day," somehow there are still
back-to-school meetings, appointments and
open houses to wallow through for a few weeks.
Quilting, take me away!

Lots of inspiration on shop hops and I take lots of pictures.
I bought the pattern for this baby quilt which also includes a 
girls' version.  I love the ric-rack the boats are sailing on!

So here's another reason I want to get those UFO's
done:  no embarking on a shop hop without The Plan.

The Plan?
 That's drawn up by cleaning my sewing room first.
In the process, I get a good look at my fabrics,
revisit my patterns and remind myself what UFOs
need to be completed.  It's even better if I can get some
of those done before the shop hop but maybe something
still needs a fabric?  Pack that up to take along.
In go a few patterns/books that are currently speaking
to me--just in case I find the perfect fabrics.

This is when I do the majority of my fabric shopping,
and most of that is from the 50%-off clearance racks.
I have no problem shopping last year's trends.  
Quilting is supposed to be timeless, right?
And that is definitely the time to
grab backing for your UFO's.
Btw, sticking to The Plan also keeps me
from over-buying--no hoarding allowed.
If I know I'm deep in say, green fabrics...well,
then I don't need that green fabric even if it is only 
$5/yd, especially because I don't have a plan for it! 
I'm a firm believer that having
too much only weighs a person down.

The bonus is that I get to come home to a clean,
well-organized room--and I'll have no guilt in 
starting new projects because my UFO's are done.
Er...well...it sounds good in theory.
I suppose it doesn't hurt to have one or two on 
the back burner but Quilter, know thy limit!
Ok, well, I have some work to do.
I only have two wee little weeks to go!

Do you have a shop hop in your area?


Debbie said...

I don't do shop hops any more....they are a disaster for me. I see too much, I buy too much! So I greatly admire your plan and ability to resist. My stash is over loaded with my leftovers, and leftovers from others. Enjoy your hopping!

Katy Cameron said...

Thankfully we don't have the shops to hop lol

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