25 September 2014

Basting Day

Today was basting day for this one.

So far I've been referring to it as "Fall Frenzy" 
because it really was kind of a mad frenzy the way
I put it together...but I'm also thinking of calling it
"All Around the Pumpkin Patch" because in each 
star's center is the same pumpkin fabric.

I love pumpkins!

I guess I'll figure it out later...

Even with a busy schedule, I did manage to get
it basted today--doing my best to get 
TWO quilt completions in one week!

These little guys really save me some time.
I'm kind of old-school in that I've always 
hand-basted every quilt but lately, I've 
been doing a combination thing.

I use the pins where I know I won't be quilting--
in this case, just outside each of the blocks. 
This left me with only the very outside of the quilt
and the centers of each block to baste by hand.

Well, a very full day has me falling asleep at the
computer so off I go to dream of how to quilt this one.

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