06 August 2014

The Twenty Dollar, Two-Hour Chair Make-Over

I've been hopping pretty well this last
week or so with all the usual back-to-school
shopping, meetings, appointments and registrations.
And when I've actually been home? 
Cleaning, organizing, canning, cooking and, yes,
even sewing, which is what I want to share first.

We're now down to just 4 here at home.
Another one has just flown the coop.
Now off to a coop of her own--with three other chicks,
that is--she's needing all kinds of things
but on a college student's budget.
(That's pretty much $0.00, right?)

Well, Mom to the rescue.  
Luckily, an old chair was waiting for a situation like this.
It has some life left but the cushion is horrible-- 
it had gotten even worse being stored out in a shed.

I always thought a fun fabric could really bring it around.
Something fun, trendy, mod.

Isn't this perfect?
The brown, raised and velvety, to blend well
 with the "leather" of the rest of the chair
("Leather"=really fake.  What can I say, we bought it
long ago when our own budget was $0.00!)
and lots of color to brighten it right up.

Out with the nasty old and in with the happy new.
A little measuring, cutting...ok, and guessing.
And if I'm real honest, a little fudging, too.
(I'm a little rusty on this kind of project!)
But, really, it turned out pretty great!  
(That is, if you ignore the back/bottom where I decided to just go with velcro
to close it up and things don't meet up so well.  Eh, who's gonna see it?!?
I just did NOT want to mess with a zipper--my time is so tight these days!)

$35/yd fabric on sale for $20 is still pretty pricey
so I wanted to keep it to one yard, especially as 
a lesson of thrift to my daughter.  
(That meant not enough fabric to match patterns to the sides)
I did have one small scrap left over so I whipped
out a little pillow, using fabric from my stash for
the back and poly-stuffing inside rather than
buy a pillow form.
(All-too happy to get rid of things on hand!)
So, pillow = $0.00.

And, voila.  
The 2-Hour, $20 Chair Make-Over.
I'm not gonna lie--I think it's now a pretty 
amazingly awesome chair for a college pad.

I suppose it's not been a good day for my humility...


Debbie said...

Great re-do! No humility required here, as this is a really neat change. Great job.

Sheila said...

This is fantastic.

Ann said...

What a clever way to recover this chair. Perfect for kids on a budget. And velcro! Thanks for showing us.

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