31 August 2014

Skillet Unstuffed Peppers

Got peppers?

Here's a great green bell pepper recipe.
Most gardeners have a ton of them this time of year.
Hopefully you:
a)  Are a gardener with lots of green bell pepeprs
b) Know a gardener with lots of green bell peppers
and can be the happy recipient of their surplus.

This is another family favorite.  
Fast, fresh and fairly healthy.

I do think the key to this being so yummy is using 
a great rice blend.  I don't have the package to show 
you but it's one of the "Rice Select" Royal Blends
and it comes in a big, clear plastic canister.
Among other things, it has wild rice and wheat...
which has me thinking it's labeled something
real witty and catchy like..."Wild Rice Blend."

Here's my stash in my uber-organized pantry.
Fyi, that's a 2-qt jar.
(Right next to the pinto beans--a new garden item of which I'm pretty proud.)
Definitely the yummiest rice blend out there.
But it does take longer to cook so bear that in 
mind for this recipe because it's wicked-fast
other than that.

If you know you're going to be in a hurry,
I would suggest doing all of your slicing and dicing
in advance, keeping the ingredients in the refrigerator.
I suppose you could even make the rice ahead
of time and just warm it back up.

Okay.  Let's get started.  Boil that rice with a little salt.

Seed and chop 2 green bell peppers.
Chop, chop.  In big ol' easy-to-do chunks.

Slice 1 lb of mushrooms.  
Or just buy them pre-sliced.

Cut up a big red onion in little wedges.

Here the recipe calls for 1 lb Italian Sausage links
and then tells you to remove the casings 
so you can chop the sausage up.
Why don't they just call for 1 lb ground Italian Sausage?
Whatever.  You pick.  I know what I'd do.

Brown your Italian sausage in a little olive oil.
Remove sausage with a slotted spoon and 
set aside in a dish.

Next lightly saute' peppers for a minute or
two.  Add onions and saute another minute or so.

Now let's give the mushrooms a go at it.
(We like our veggies fairly crisp; adjust times according to your tastes.)

Next, add in cooked sausage and cooked rice.

Salt if desired but usually the sausage provides 
enough of that; I do recommend fresh-ground pepper.
You're done!

Unstuffed Peppers
Rachael Ray Magazine

1 c long grain rice or rice mix of choice
1 T olive oil
1 lb Italian sausages, casings removed
2 green bell peppers, chopped
1 lb white mushrooms, sliced
1 red onion, chopped

Cook rice according to directions with 1/2 t salt.
Brown sausage in olive oil in a large skillet.
Remove sausage with slotted spoon; set aside in
a bowl.  Saute' green peppers for 2 mins.
Add in onions; saute' another 2 mins.
Add in mushrooms; saute all veggies together
till desired "doneness".
Stir in sausage and rice; heat through and serve.
Salt and freshly-ground pepper if desired.

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