28 August 2014

Perfectly Peachy

We've had so much produce from the garden
why not throw in some fruit from the orchard, too?

With the elements and pests around here, we
never quite know what the orchard will provide.  

Our one remaining peach tree 
surprised me greatly last week when
I discovered all of these!

Two big bushel baskets I picked
from that one little tree!

We're chemical-free in the orchard so I was 
even more surprised to find how beautifully they 
turned out!  Not one single sign of pests.

Perfect I'm telling you!
Is there no end to the blessings this year!?!
I even giggled out loud while I picked.
Well, till the wasps showed up.
I left that area for the hubs to reach.

So, of course I've been trying to come up with
creative ways to use them.  Anything besides jelly.
We already have enough jelly for an army.
Not joking.
(I'm looking for creative ways to cook with jelly, too.
Got any somewhat-healthy ideas?)
And then I made some jelly anyway.

(Actually, I think this might be the Italian Tomatoes.
It all kind of blends after a while!)

I've now made it through the majority of the peaches.
I'd like to freeze what's left for smoothies but at this
point in the season, freezer space is really limited.
And I still have peppers and pumpkins to go!

What a crazy year!
I joke that it would almost seem that my mom would 
have had a hand in all of this except that she would never 
wished all this work on me.  
She knew that I've always enjoyed it but she also knew
too well that I have a tendency to not know when 
it was time to say "enough!"

Stay tuned for the peach recipes.

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Debbie said...

Beautiful peaches......we love peach jam and the favorite peach cobbler. glad your summer canning and such is winding down. Intense work but so good to have the pantry and everything else full.

Katy Cameron said...

Yum, I love peaches! Alas, not being native to here, they're never really as lovely as they are, say, fresh off the tree in the South of France...

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

I use jam as the sauce/favouring in my stir-fry.

That might use 1 jar or 2.

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