26 August 2014

Cooking with Tomatoes--"Sun" Dried

Still doing my best to cook with the seasons.

I'm mostly tomato'ed out here so 
I'm letting them die off.  
For my sanity.

I've discovered how to make sun-dried tomatoes...
in the oven.

You can do this easily by cutting cherry tomatoes in
half, tossing them in just a bit of olive oil and then
bake for hours on low--real low.  Like 170'.  Till done.
When I went through all my cherry tomatoes, I moved
over to the smallest of the Romas..
They worked well, too.  Just took a little longer.

I've read that you can keep them in the pantry
covered with high-quality olive oil in a jar but
to be safe, I'm keeping them in the fridge.
(This isn't something I need in my already-stuffed fridge.
Multiple jars of sun-dried tomatoes.  Sigh.)

But you can go through a TON of tomatoes
to make 3 very-packed pints of dried ones.  A TON.  
There is peace of mind knowing you grew them
and that you're not eating any chemicals.
Your house will smell great, too.

Later today
(or tomorrow; I'm not sure as I'm currently up to my ears in fresh peaches)
I'm going to share a couple tomato tart recipes.  

If you're not drooling yet, you should be.  
(Sorry it's blurry.  I think I was shaking with pure joy.)
Trust me.

Stay tuned.


Debbie said...

Wow, you have had a great growing season. Could you freeze the dried tomatoes with out packing them in oil? I make a tomato pie with romas--sliced and drained to paper towel--basil and salt, drizzle with olive oil, layered with mozzarella or provolone cheese. and topped with a piece of puff pastry---or crescent roll dough in a pinch. Guess I need to make one more pie for dinner!

Katy Cameron said...

Recipe books usually just call those oven dried tomatoes ;o) Very en vogue though :oD

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