27 August 2014

Best Tomato Tart Recipe

Of the tart recipes I've tried,
this one is, hands-down, the best.

Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

If you recall from yesterday, we've been
very blessed with tomatoes this summer.

When Ree posted this on 
Facebook the other day, I was all over it.
Like, by that evening.

My suggestion:
Make your own pie crust!!!
I totally rocked these, and I put them
in scalloped tart pans--the ones with
removable bases.  

I don't put myself up there
with the Pioneer Woman but, I have to say,
I kinda think these turned out prettier than 
her rectangular ones.  Just sayin'.
Don't hate me.

Basically, you have a layer of cheeses, topped
with caramelized onions--and let me stop there.
There are some cooking...uh...things (?) that I 
find very therapeutic.
1)  Making crepes
2)  Roasting and peeling peppers
3)  Caramelizing onions
4)  Making homemade pudding
Ok, I'll stop there.  I have more but, back to the tart.

top the caramelized onions with cherry tomatoes--
because from one cherry tomato plant comes
a million of the little orbs and you're needing
to avoid a compete take-over.

After you pop it into the oven, go pick some basil.
Actually, more than just some.  A lot.
See what I did there?  I spelled "a lot" correctly.
It's two separate words.
I'm a grammar nazi and I have issues.
We'll talk about how to say "caramel" 
another time, in another post that is
entirely directed toward, er, 
dedicated to Starbucks employees...

I'm really bummed that I didn't get a better picture but 
I really was so excited by how it turned out
that I had to have been shaking for joy, I tell you.
When you put an egg wash on pie crust,
something magical happens.

Maybe the aroma had something to do with it 
but sweet merciful heavens!
I just think it was the most beautiful flaky 
crust to ever come out of my oven.
And it tasted even better!
Good thing I made two of them!
And guess what?  It's not too bad as a left-over.

Trust me:  
homemade pie crust, home-grown
tomatoes and fresh herbs.
Those three = winner.

Pioneer Woman's

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Debbie said...

Sounds delicious.....thanks.

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