09 July 2014

The Question of Time: Success at Gardening Part 3

Our weather has been so wonderful these
last months that I've been able to spend
time in my garden every. single. day.

Basically, that has never happened before.

Early spring in the garden

The timing couldn't have been better.
I really recommend gardening for therapy.
It's right up there with quilting and cooking.

Another angle, early spring.

It's all about allowing yourself to focus.

I spent hours leisurely--leisurely!--designing, 
planting and transplanting, pulling weeds and just
creating order.  Focusing.

I also spent lots of time at my cafe table,
working on my Bible study and journaling.

Chloe usually joined me.  

Chloe sometimes thinks she's a human.
She also loves to photo-bomb--watch for her!

Not every year offers this kind of weather...or time.
Believe me when I say this has been very unusual!

In planning your garden, it's very important to 
factor in the time you'll be able to devote to it.
Grab your journal for answering the following questions.

The questions aren't meant to deter you but to give you a more practical and honest
 idea about what you're undertaking.  Sadly, it's not all flowers and sunshine...
but then again, if it were, it wouldn't be as rewarding now, would it?
Are you willing to get up early to catch the cooler 
temps if you live in a warmer climate?
Do your kids play sports?  Other activities?
If so, you'll have schedules to work around. 
If you're planning on preserving, are you willing
to stay up late if you're schedule gets thrown?

Produce should be preserved as quickly as possible after picking.
Do you take vacations during the busy garden months?
If so, can someone cover while you're gone,
watering, harvesting and, if you're lucky, weeding?
Do you have others--spouse, children, etc--to help
in the garden or with other chores?
Even keeping things running in the house by making dinner or keeping up the
laundry can be a huge help when you're spending extra hours in the garden.
What other factors might affect your time?

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