Late-Summer Wreath

I took a break from gardening today to update
our front door wreath.
I wish I'd taken a pic of the before--
basically, it was this burlap wreath with a small amount
of embellishment at the bottom.
Very understated.

I didn't have much time but after a quick trip
to Michaels, I laid everything out and went to work.
Looking for something that will give the feel of
"almost fall" to those who enter...

Other than working with food, I feel like I've almost
forgotten how to tap into my artistic nature!

Well, I'm happy enough with the result 
and it certainly matches the rest of the 
porch decor.  Pics on that soon enough.

While I had everything out, I thought I'd see what 
I could do with this plain wreath.  It's been
sitting on our piano waiting...

I plan on moving this to the mantel in a few weeks
when I start bringing out more fall decor.

Well, enough crafting for now.
Back to the garden and kitchen.

But my unfinished quilts have been calling...

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Debbie said…
Your artistic/ creative touch is still there....both wreaths are just beautiful now! You just have a way with that fall decor.
It's beautiful! :) Just right for late it.