A Foodie's Garden

Am I a foodie because of my garden?
Or am I a gardener because I'm a foodie? 
How about....YES!

Lemon Boy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, reg basil & purple basil.
Top with a little balsamic vinegar and bon appetit!

Over the last few years my passion for both
has really increased.

Cooking can just be good...or gourmet
depending on the quality of the ingredients.

Which is I why I grow as much as I can.
And I cook with them while they're fresh
as much as possible.

Cooking with what the seasons offer is
healthier, cheaper, better for the environment
and just better for the taste.

Corsican Chicken ready to bake with herbs and peppers from the garden.

Often throughout the growing season, you'll find
our countertops, pantry and refrigerator over-loaded
with produce waiting to be used while 
the flavors are at a peak.  

What we dined on this Sunday eve:
Steak fillet with herbed butter, red bell pepper, yellow squash and zucchini
sauteed lightly in quality olive oil from Sonoma Valley and Yukon Gold
All herbs, potatoes, shallots and veggies fresh from the garden.
In all seriousness, this dinner could've rivaled any gourmet restaurant.

The Internet has made it so much easier to search
ways to cook with specific ingredients but I still 
love to peruse my own cookbooks and those 
from the and those from the library.  I then put our  
"approved" recipes in our family cookbooks.  

Because I feel cooking should never be 
thought of as a chore,
I want to start sharing some of these
garden-fresh recipes here.

Yes, cooking can add spice to our lives
but I think it is often overlooked as a wonderfully 
creative, and even therapeutic, outlet.
It can also be overlooked as
a learning tool to put us in touch with
 other cultures and even other times.
Just because we cook every day doesn't 
mean our cooking has to be "everyday".


Unknown said…
I am so impressed by your gardening skills!!! Wish I could stop by for a completely home cooked meal (especially now with my kitchen gutted). Fresh blackberries have always been my favorite!!! XO, Aimee