30 June 2014

Growing Patience -- Intro to Gardening

We Americans have this annoying little habit:
we want our home and gardens to be 
picture perfect the day we move in.
I suppose you could say it drives the economy
 but, frankly, it drives me nuts. 

I once saw a garden show 
featuring a large, beautiful English garden.
Gardens, actually, as they covered an estate.
The gardener gave some rather liberating advice. 
He pointed out our lack of patience
over here on this side of the pond, 
saying we want everything perfect right now.

National Botanica of Ireland

But a real garden takes time.  Years.
With big gardens such as those, 
hundreds of years even. 
I don't write that to freak you out--
I write it to make you relax! 

Chester, England

I should cut us a little slack...
America does have a shorter history, 
 and, in most areas, more varied climate.
Still, we are so impatient and
we often forget the reward of investing 
our own thoughts, time and work.
And then wonder why our garden doesn't
look like, and produce like, the one
we saw in the magazine--a still life
 of a growing garden.

We should take a much more practical 
approach to gardening.

One that we can grow with, rather than tired of.

One that doesn't overwhelm us 
but inspires us to do more as we learn.

Not a quick-fix that fizzles but the kind of approach
that slowly, year after year, becomes a rewarding 
pastime that enriches our health, 
and our spirit as a bonus.

I've written about my garden in the past.
But it is always changing, as is my knowledge
and ideas.  Plus, I'm enjoying it more than ever. 

I've decided to go a little deeper into 
my own personal gardening experience 
and, over the next few weeks, maybe I can 
inspire a different and more rewarding approach
 to any aspiring gardeners out there?

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Debbie said...

Love your approach and thoughts on this. Mine has evolved and is now in deep need of weeding and cutting back to tame it. It took 5 to 7 years to achieve some semblance of the first vision. And I am not very patient either. Your small pathway is serene and inviting. Just the small stops I love to see in a garden area.

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