29 June 2014

And Finally....Block Twelve

Look what I found!
That last post on Block 12.
And I said, back in November,
that I'd post it "tomorrow".
Well, oops!  
Here it is, as I wrote it back then.
Not sure why I didn't just hit publish?
Maybe I was waiting to get a pic of them 
all together?  We'll get to that later.

Drum roll.

That's right.
All twelve are done.
And I really really wanted to keep going to make
 this bigger...but that meant make 8 more blocks.
Sooo, not wanting to create any stress,
I stopped here.

As you can tell in all of the block pics, 
I have the sashing on but I haven't been able 
to find anything suitable in my stash for the borders.
Sadly (yes, quite sad) I think I'll have to head to 
the quilt shop and buy some fabric.
Sad day, indeed...

Btw, I mis-linked this block in my notes so now I can't find the exact site
from where I got it!  I know that I began here though!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Oh, yeah, a great block.....for a great quilt. Getting this put together will put you in gear to return to sewing routine!

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