08 November 2013

The Wedding Guest Quilt

Yet another work in progress:

My daughter chose to do a different
type of guest book for their wedding.

(Seriously, where do bloggers get the time to take all those pics? 
I'm lucky to snap a quick cell phone picture!)

It still needs a border but what do you think?
I tried to keep it simple--more about the messages.
I am a little worried; yes, we used permanent fabric pens
but...?  Anyone have any experience with them?
Do they wash well? 
I don't think my daughter 
intends on using this as an everyday quilt but
I would assume it'll need washed some day!

(Sorry, but again choosing to spend more time in the sewing room 
rather than taking spiffy pictures!)

I've started a new autumn quilt completely inspired
by the beautiful fall we've been having. 

More on that, and my new toy, soon.
(hint:  things didn't go as planned--don't get too excited!)


Anonymous said...

I love your autumn block. I'll check back to see the finished quilt

gilly said...

What a fabulous idea, the wedding quilt is just lovely! Can't help you on your question re the washability (is that even a word!) of the permanent fabric marker, but I'd be interested to know the answer too if someone has it.
Love your block too,
have a great weekend,

Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, maybe make it into a wall hanging so it doesn't have to be washed?!

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