01 November 2013

American Blocks: My Latest WIP

Everyone wants a hand-made quilt. 
With so many requests, it is sometimes 
 hard to even take them seriously.  
Quilts aren't just popped out overnight,
and it's impossible to make one for everybody.  
But ask enough...and you shall receive.

Still trying to stick to my "use what I have" rule
so my fabric choices could've been better 
but I'm still pretty happy about the fabric 
I moved out with this one.  
A few days in the sewing room and:

I really hadn't planned on making another large
one till I obtained a quilting machine but this
pattern is perfect for a friend who has been 
asking for his quilt for a long time.   

In an effort to keep it to a manageable size, 
I am leaving off the top and bottom flags.
(I think it's about 75"X75" now??)
And with the addition of hopefully just a 
single small border, one more quilt top 
will be added to the pile.

My 44 lb pumpkin!

Happy November!


Katy Cameron said...

Another wee border sounds like a good plan :o)

Debbie said...

Great pumpkins.....that one is bit! Love the blocks, of course!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Very cute. Adapting patterns to fit my needs is fun. Your friend will be happy (and if she isn't, send it my way).

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