The Disappearing Act

I really can't say why I keep disappearing,
other than:  life happens.  
So, here I am, yet again, playing catch-up.

On the craft-front, there's not been a lot of activity.
I had new dining room furniture on the way which
left me with a completely empty room.
I know you quilters would think what I thought....

Look at all that space!  Perfect for basting quilts, eh?
As much as I would like to report that all three were
basted that day, sadly, I ran out of batting!
Yet, not so sadly because I found this a measure
of accomplishment as I had just purchased that 
huge roll of batting a little over a year before!  
I did get two of them ready to go--currently sitting
in my sunroom ready to be quilted asap.

In case you're interested, here's the new furniture.

Other projects include new coats of paint in my 
living and dining rooms--kitchen, hallway and 
open stairway/foyer are next.
Also we're slowly re-doing our utility bathroom.
(removed wallpaper, painting wall, putting all new fixtures in, 
lighting, sink, and shower door)
No pics at the moment.

Yes, we have finally gotten SNOW here in the Midwest!
It has been so dry here that these 2 back-to-back 
storms have been welcome by everyone. 

my garden

Especially the kids who got 4 days off of school 
around a weekend so it was really like vacation.
Except for Mom who did nothing but launder wet
snow-clothes and make hearty soups--but I enjoy it!

Check out how it blew onto the chicken wire of their run.

I think we got about 14" from the first one, 
7" from the second, with a little 
melting during the two days between.

The chickens aren't big fans.  I had to dig out a part
of their run and put straw down so they'd actually
come down for food and water.

Now, of course, when I'd been begging for snow for
2 years, God chose the exact day that my dh was 
flying home from a VERY full business trip. 
[Ready?  Chester (UK), Berlin, Zurich, Johannesburg (S. Africa), 
Dubai and Singapore--all in 11 days.]

This made storm #1 bittersweet & stressful.
His worst experience yet, with delays, cancellations,
giving his seat away from under him, etc.  In 
the end, I had to drive to Oklahoma City 
(fortunately, the highways were clear south of us)
in the middle of the night to get him because 
most everything coming in here was cancelled.  
Somehow, as heavy as my eyelids got, 
we arrived safely back home at 3 am!  
Life is just an adventure, huh?!
(I have thanked God repeatedly for my all-wheel drive SUV!)

He's off again in a matter of days to Poland 
and perhaps Austria.  A much shorter trip, at least.
No storms predicted here, and those quilts are ready
for me and my undivided attention.


And in a few months, another trip.
But, guess where--and who gets to go along??? 
That's right!  I'm giddy!  
Any helpful input, tips, etc would be appreciated!
I only had two years of French and that was 
a LONG time ago!


Debbie said…
I was wondering if you had gotten some of the snow storm....guess so. Beautiful photos....glad you took pity on the hens and cleared some snow off...too cute. Sounds as if you have been quite occupied with re-dos. But the quilts on the floor look great anyway! Your future travel sounds exciting....sorry, no tips from me on that!
Sparky said…
You certainly have been missed but now reading about your life i can understand your absence Lol i am exhausted...