A Slow Start...But a Start Indeed

It seems quiet here but in the first 2 weeks
of this year, I have managed to squeeze out
8 baby blankets and 4 scarves. 

Nothing serious but it will have to do
for feeding my creativity when other things like 
wedding planning, basketball games and 
first-of-the-year cleaning and organizing
are keeping me busy.

The baby blankets above are for charity;
the scarves are destined to be gifts so...
no pictures!

While I've been working on organizing and thinning
the pantry and closets, one bit of organizing
I've over-looked is my blog!  
Seeing that my other pages are quite out of date,
I'm thinking a tab of completions would be 
better as the year, and I, progress.
I'll be working on it...


Katy Cameron said…
So not much done then ;o) I need to sort my blog out too. One day. When I have spare time. Ha!
Debbie said…
When you get caught up, come organize my closets, please! I get on that kick in the Spring myself. General cleaning is all I am willing to do right now. Glad to see you back at the blog.
Lisa Boyle said…
Sounds wonderful! I am working on crocheting an afghan as a house-warming present for my sil and bil. Hopefully I can get it done soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! :-)