28 December 2012

That Gift You Can't Wait to Give

You know that one gift that turns out really well?
Well, I couldn't wait to give this one!

This quilt top was completed and basted
together back in October...and then 
set aside for other obligations.  

But, in the middle of the Christmas time-crunch, 
as I call it, I was to re-discover, 
for the ump-teenth time, 
how fun and relaxing machine quilting is.
(some lessons we have to keep learning over and over!)

Knowing time was a factor, I kept it simple.
(Of course, with my simple machine, I have to.)

Yet, I thought this touch of red, 
with its beautiful print of cardinals and holly,
really stood out so the quilting needed
to be kind of special.  

I've tried quilting holly before but
with no real luck.  Luckily, this time it clicked.

The greatest thing about leaves is that no two
are ever the same.  This takes a little
pressure off when quilting them.

This was not a Christmas gift but a birthday gift.  
Even though the birthday was a couple
weeks away, I had to give this one at Christmas.

I love the fabrics of this quilt so much that 
I found it hard to give away.
(WHY didn't I buy more?  It was on clearance!)
However, the recipient was so so so happy
with it so the separation wasn't so bad.
And it's now at my in-laws' house so I'll 
get to visit it every Christmas!

New Year's Resolution:  
Gift more quilts!

The Chicken Chick


gilly said...

It's beautiful! And your quilting is lovely too - I haven't ventured much beyond straight lines, but learning FMQ is my mission for 2013 :-)
Wishing you a happy new year,

Debbie said...

Super love that red fabric.....where did you find it? I would have bought the entire bolt of it! Neat quilt and great job on the quilting.

Katy Cameron said...

Great job on the quilting :o)

Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick said...

I'd bet the recipient was thrilled, I know I would have been! Beautiful work!

Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

Kathy Shea Mormino
The Chicken Chick

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The quilts in the last post were cute, but, this one is great!

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