26 December 2012

Quilting, Baking, Decorating, Crafting....But No Blogging!

My last post was really November 6th?!
At that time I was just beginning a quilt with the
"Ready, Set, Snow" fabrics using the
(same fabrics as the pattern depicts)

I'm anxious to try this pattern
again with other fabrics--some of these
aren't as contrasting as I would've liked.
Still, it is festive and fun!

Below is my completed quilt top.
(I didn't take the time to take a great pic so the color isn't very vibrant)

Though the top finished up quickly, 
I had to put it aside to focus on Christmas.
Such a busy--but fun--time of the year!
I love to spend it baking, decorating and, 
of course, crafting and sewing gifts.
Which explains where I've been, right? 


I'll be doing a lot of blogging catch-up 
over the next few days as I kick back
with a few eggnog lattes, taking time out 
to relax, reflect and enjoy this blessed season--
as I hope you all are, too.
I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas!  


Katy Cameron said...

Good to see you've been creatively occupied! Happy new year!

Debbie said...

Like the quilt top, very cute.

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