27 December 2012

Quick Flannel Quilts

Some years ago, I started making each
of my kids a gift to open on Christmas Eve.

Somehow, these have always been those
mad-dash-at-the-end kind of gifts and so
are always kind of stressful.  So I insisted
that, this year, I would NOT be doing it...
Yeah, right.
Less than 2 weeks till Christmas?  
Heck, I can pop out two simple quilts and 
2 scarves easily enough right?

Simple quilts...turns out flannel is wicked-heavy
to quilt!  And, sure enough, my son ended up
being sick and camping out in the room I use
to lay quilts out for the larger work.
(like measuring the sashing)
And I kept getting headaches that eventually 
turned into a migraine.

Needless to say, the craftsmanship of these 
two quilts will never win a single award
but they are very warm and made with love!  
(And I won't even care if they eat while using them!)

And those two scarves.....?
I'll post pics when they're done!!
Note to self:  start next year's traditional 
Christmas Eve gifts...uh....January 2!! 

1 comment:

Katy Cameron said...

I thought I was doing well with my parents' pressie this year (I'm notoriously always finishing things at midnight on Christmas Eve!) until I got sick 2 weeks before Christmas and then the fabric I ordered for the sashing was wrong when they sent it, and then I didn't have enough floor space to baste it all at once... so yeah, I was still finishing on Christmas Eve *sigh*

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