09 October 2012

I Really Am Alive...

Truly, I am.

Basically, I've been fall cleaning like mad.
(The house is almost spotless!  Well, it was for about a day...
Broke things while cleaning.  Not good.)
Incurred hail damage from a storm--getting a new roof!  
(Let's hear it for insurance!)
Did some wedding dress shopping (she found it!).
Got my first speeding ticket in 18 years.
(Don't want to talk about it!)
Went on a quilt shop hop (have new fabric, must quilt)!
Had my entire family over.
Upped my volunteering at church.
Made a quilt top.
Have family visiting for about a month.
Dreading jury duty in a couple weeks.
Attending son's football games (5 and 0, baby!).
Took care of sick kids.
Worked on apples (applesauce, etc).
Processed peppers.
Bought a new car. 
(insert The Dreaded Tag Office Visit here)
Took on moderating a Bible study.
Lost 14 lbs and counting...

Well, there's some of it anyway.  I'll spare you the rest.
Most of it's behind me now and, at least for tomorrow,
I'll finally have a full day of sewing!

Please bring on the nasty winter weather,
even though autumn is the best,
so that I simply have to tell the world NO!

That's just so hard, isn't it?
Still, life is full and that is good.
I have no complaints!

But I really miss following blogs and blogging.
My reader is so full of posts of everyone's quilts!
Hope to have quilt pics of my own coming soon!


Debbie said...

I am tired and exhausted just reading your list of events! Congrats on the car and loss of pounds and the upcoming wedding. Enjoy some stitching and relax a bit.

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

It's so good to see that you are doing well. Lots of "Yay" moments and only a handful of "Boo"s that's a great percentage you have going. I hope you find some good balance soon but whatever way the scale tips, I hope you are finding it fun.

Katy Cameron said...

That was a pretty good list! (my mum got her first speeding ticket the other day too) Congrats on the weight loss, I'm about the same as you, we can do it!

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