30 October 2012

Greatest Addition--& Subtraction--to My Sewing Room

This is the best change in my sewing room yet.
Last year, I re-painted, moved things around,
optimized space/storage and added a nifty shelf
with lots of organizing options.

I'm a person who needs space,
and I just wasn't feeling it.
I decided it was finally time to chuck 
the ironing board for something like this:

I use our old kitchen table as my cutting table
and, not in the picture below, a matching 
baker's rack provides great storage.
The breakfast bar was just an extra surface
for things like my computer & embroidery machine.  

I found a small piece of aspen for about $10.
(I think it was 3X3?)
I also saved some time by having Lowes 
cut it to size for me.
The simple directions can be found here.
 (The Insul-Brite I had, but I did want fabric that coordinated with the room.  
Buying just fabric and the board, the cost for all was under $20!)
I chose to use a staple gun instead of tacks.

I also put non-skid pads on the bottom;
these do a great job of holding the board in place.
(Hard to see in pic but marked with the arrows--I ran out of them
so I didn't get one in the middle-front.
So far, I don't notice so I may not bother to buy more)

Bonus 1
My cutting mat fits perfectly on one side.
In working on these flying geese that required a 
lot of piecing, ironing, cutting and piecing again,
this option is ideal!  So handy!
(As long as you don't try to, ahem, iron on your cutting board!)

Bonus 2
The breakfast bar is a little higher than a regular 
table or ironing board and therefore much easier 
on one's back!  If you find one of these at a garage sale 
or thrift shop, grab it for your sewing room!

Bonus 3
Wider and more stable work surface.
(I have a small cutting mat that has an ironing surface on the other
side but I never use it!  Just doesn't seem to be functional enough.) 

The things I used to keep on here?
My new MacBookPro is so 
compact it can hang out anywhere.
The embroidery machine & my Cricut are now
on the shelf below.  The ironing board can be taken
off and slid along side the table whenever I need the
surface for something else.
My old "real" ironing board?  It's back in
the laundry room where it belongs!
Thanks to Pleasant Home for such a great idea!

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camp and cottage living said...

this is such a great idea and so pretty to boot!

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