20 October 2012

The Fall Projects Finally Begin

For once, my absence is due to sewing! 

Recently, my sister was able to come along
on the quilt shop hop that I participate in every fall.
Each armed with our project ideas, 
we were able to get just about all we needed 
by raiding the clearance racks of 11 different shops!
Whatever else we needed....well, did I mention
we went to 11 different quilt shops!?

I've had this idea from a McCall's quilting magazine
in my files for years and I'm so happy to have finally
made it!  It really makes our mantel a focal point.
 (Too much applique for my tastes--not doing it again!)

Doesn't every project have its lesson?  This one? 
If you haven't quilted in quite a while,
 you probably should warm up before going straight
to the real thing.  This is hanging above my fireplace,
though, so no one should see it too close up!

The area above the mantel recesses a couple
inches but we've never filled it in with, say, 
a mirror or tv.  My alternate:  a wall-hanging.  
And now, I choose to focus
on my one wonderful moment of genius 
instead of the last 10+ years of, um, not-so-genius.
 It JUST recently occurred to me to hang it 
by a tension rod.  Smart, huh?
(We won't talk about the painful hours I've spent over the years
trying to get things to hang there correctly!)

Another project to follow....

1 comment:

Debbie said...

This is perfect and so you. Don't you love those light bulb moments when you finally figure out how to do something, like hang the wall hanging!
Beware what you say about applique. I hated it too, for years, but somewhere along the line it got into my blood stream. Now I fuse away.

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