07 September 2012

What Better Way to Kick Off Autumn?

Here's a great way to kick off 
the autumn season:

Apple picking!

Our orchard lost its apple trees years ago
and our new ones have some growing to do
but my brother has more than enough to share.

We picked a bushel or two for my mom and sister
and I have about 3 bushels for me.

I guess the sewing will wait a few more days!

I think I have some baking to do!


Katy Cameron said...

Have fun with them! I have to admit that apples are really not my favourite fruit (actually, they'd be pretty near the bottom of the heap!) but I blame my parents for bringing me up in exotic countries and weaning me on mangoes and cape gooseberries ;o)

Amy Sessions said...

Homemade applesauce and apple butter... that brings back memories!

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