29 August 2012

Nix the Sailboats?

Well, I tried the sailboat block and I'm thinking 
about moving on to something else.

But every other pattern I find is going to 
take longer and most likely end in a trip or two
 to the store for fabric.

I don't mind wasting a little fabric when piecing
but this tossed way more than I was comfortable with:

This entire piece cut away--almost 8".
Maybe I could use them in the border or something?

Still, my goal is to move fabric out so 
maybe I shouldn't worry about it?  
 It's going to be a small quilt so = small waste?

Thoughts anyone?
Going to mull this one over for a day...

Fyi, if you decide to make this one, note the comments.  
I ran into measurement issues but then noticed in the comments 
that they were simply posted wrong.  Cute block,
though, and I'm thankful to her for sharing!


Debbie said...

The cutaway part is your border all ready pieced! Blocks joined + narrow border strip of fabric + the cut off portion = done! This could work....
Yes, always test with a test block before you go cutting....even patterns from magazines and books should be checked with a test block. I have made my share of them and found problems.

Katy Cameron said...

Ouch, hate huge amounts of waste, hope you can reuse them okay in the border

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hmmm....paper piece the 'extra' into crazy quilt type blocks, and use them on the back of the quilt.

Lynne4444 said...

Yes, I like the idea of using it as a border.

Robyn said...

I say use it as a border.

A quilt that I made recently was a Strip Quilt from the book Scrap Quilt by Marcia Lasher Strips and Spider webs. I believe that this would be appropriate to just keep adding on to until it was complete. I did choose to use a black base for my blocks instead of muslin. Great way to use up random strips of fabric and they don't need to be all the same width.

Best wishes love the pattern. Another option would be to make your own pattern so that your not cutting so much off. Just a thought from a crazy quilter that will see a picture on the net and decide she is going to make it with not pattern!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

While the block is very cute, I would have an issue with cutting away so much wasted material. Then again, you're talking to the girl who tries to use up every last scrap of yarn, material or whatever so that nothing is wasted. Your border idea is a good one, that would tie in nicely and it's a great "recycle" for the part.

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