28 August 2012

A Little More Coffee Talk / New Project

I shared something with my husband today.  
Something of which I wasn't sure I should be proud.
(You see how I avoided ending my sentence in a preposition there?  Nifty, huh?)
You tell me?
I have, to date, earned 32 free drinks from Starbucks.
(That's right--be jealous!)
Dear hubby says I should never share this with anyone.  

I say
--and you passionate people out there will get this--
at least people know what to get me for Christmas!
(And that Howard Schultz should send me a personal Christmas card.
I'll be watching my mailbox closely this holiday season.  Ooh, maybe he'll 
even include a gift basket?  Of course, just a mug would be fine, Howie.
I know you are a busy man.)

Though I am of a very shy nature, 
I am still of a very decided nature.

Maybe it seems silly being so crazy about 
something like coffee or fabric or fall. 
But these are examples.  Fun ones.
I have a serious side--my Faith for instance.
It obviously comes before coffee and hobbies.
I do hope that by the way I live, 
people will know what I believe.
And what I like, what I love, what makes me smile.
That life makes me smile.
I do not want to be one of those people 
who always says, "Better not."
I want to be the one that says, "Heck yeah!  I'm in!"

How about you?  
Do you know what you love?
Do you love it so much that it spills over into your life?

On a side note:
I finally got my sewing room all in order 
for the fall sewing season.  
This afternoon I'm going to be trying out 
this cute little block:

Sailboat Block

I really should NOT be starting a new project 
when there are others half-finished but this is for 
a very special little boy and needs to be completed 
within a couple weeks.  
I plan on making it scrappy at least.
Gotta keep hitting the stash!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute blocks!

Kelsey said...

I too LOVE getting free drinks there! My husband thinks I'm nuts for saving up my credit card cash back and changing it in for Starbucks GCs instead of cash!

Katy Cameron said...

The wee boats are going to be fab!

Debbie said...

Love the sail boats....wish I was off on one of them. After this summer, I know that anything I touch in life is precious....enjoy it all. Your post reminded me, it's time to make a coffee run tomorrow.

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