02 June 2012

Saturdays In the Garden: A Cook's Garden Part 2

How about a before/after?
Here is the garden just a couple months ago.

And now?

It looks a little like a messy jungle from this view
over the grapes and blackberries but the paths are
in there and everything is where it's supposed to be.

Before stepping into June:

14 pints and 14 half-pints of apricot preserves
4 quarts and 8 pints of green beans

In the freezer
12 bags carrots
6 bags spinach
3 bags Swiss chard

This seems a little slim but I also serve up as much
as possible while it's fresh and full of nutrients.

We've been eating 
 all kinds of lettuces
 Swiss chard
 green onion (scallions) and white onions
 just today--the first blackberry
and all those herbs

Maybe I'm a little odd but I get extreme satisfaction
when I'm making dinner and I can just step outside
to pick my own ingredients like beans and herbs.

Even eggs.
These girls are 3 1/2 months now but won't be helping
out with the eggs for at least a couple more.
I can't bring myself to tell the other 6 goodbye 
just yet.  I'm not really attached to the chickens.
It's the eggs!   The idea of having to buy tasteless,
white eggs has me wrinkling up my nose.
Yup, I'm an egg snob. 
 And an herb snob...
and a vegetable snob...
and a fruit snob.

But, why not cook with the best?
Especially when it's for loved ones.  


Cathy said...

You are about 2 monts ahead of use in terms go growing season. So envious!

Sunny Simple Life said...

What are you going to do with the older ones? Are you going to butcher them for eating?

Katy Cameron said...

Um, have I told you before how much I want your garden?! SERIOUS WANT!!!

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