01 June 2012

Saturdays In the Garden: A Cook's Garden--Part 1

With a mild winter and a warm spring, I thought
planting everything early wasn't all that risky...
and now my return is paying off nicely.
I'll write more about what I've been harvesting
 in Part 2; for now, how about some teaser-pics?

Favorite uses
buttermilk ranch dressing
canning (pickles)

 Ease of growing
One plant is all it takes.  The seeds
will carry over from year to year.
I let it grow randomly, but controlled, throughout the garden.

Sunflowers to attract the bees

Roses...to attract me!

Crazy amount of blackberries
(thanks to the bees)

The first berries to ripen.
Along with our apricots (more on those later),
these should be great with homemade yogurt!

Here come the grapes, just in time.
We have very little grape jelly left.

Romas--great for Italian foods and canning.

I'm changing my mind about peas.
Maybe they are worth the effort?
We've gotten so many from so few plants!
And they are my hubby's favorite.

Green onions--my favorite "new" crop.
Why haven't I grown these before?
I cook with them all the time!

Okra...now why am I growing these??
We don't even eat it.

Not big on these either but the dh and I like
baba ghanouj, which is similar to hummus.
I plan on trying this recipe

Eggplant Dip (Baba Ghanouj)

I always call my garden a "cook's garden."
This year it is more so than ever!  
I love to try new foods and new dishes, and I feel
the best way to do this is to grow the ingredients.
You're just not going to get the best flavor
from what you buy at the store.

Brussel sprouts.
I first grew--and ate--these several years ago
and found them to be fun and hardy plants.
  The eggplant and brussel sprouts
are perfect examples of my love to experiment
in the garden and the kitchen.

An early jalapeno

Spaghetti squash.
Still looking for a favorite way to fix this.

Butternut squash.
Ditto here.  I'm not sure why I grow squash,
other than for health and variety in our diets. 
I'm just convinced there has to be the
"perfect recipe" out there for each of these.
I just haven't found them yet.

Hail damage and what I think are spots from
pepper spray that I mixed up a little too strongly.
Gardens are always teaching...

A baby cucumber.
See my name on it??


Two fully-loaded yellow squash plants.
I'm a day or so from having more squash
than I know what to do with!

Stay tuned for Part 2...



Debbie said...

I am jealous of your dill and cukes! And the green onions, and romas......just green with envy! Your garden looks wonderful and you will be a busy gal. Need a zucchini bread recipe? Haven't made any in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

annemarie said...

Wow what a beautiful garden. The okra surprised me - I thought that it grew only in the far south. No corn?? My favorites are the green onion, peas, dill and cucumbers. Happy eating!!

Ale jc said...

I have wonderful recipes for squash veggies especially butternut....I am vegetarian. My preferred diet I must say....your garden is just divine, wish I was closer...we could swap...I do that with many now....

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