03 June 2012

Home Made Vanilla Update

I started my vanilla 2 months ago.
There are various directions online but I chose to
use 4 beans to a quart-size jar.
Points to remember:
3 months = suggested minimum time
Longer time = darker/stronger the flavor
The least expensive vodka you can find
will work just fine.

I ran out of vanilla recently so, with this in the pantry,
I decided to use it even tho it's not quite finished.
It had already started to smell yummy and,
sure enough, it tasted great.

I used to get my vanilla from Mexico but I'm
now sold on this.  Simple, inexpensive, eco-friendly
(much less packaging, esp when you can continue to add
vodka to the beans for up to 1 1/2 years!)
and tastes so, so good.  Try it!
And put home made icecream at the
top of your "to try with my vanilla" list.

Spoiler Alert!

Local friends and family
should stop reading here.
I said, STOP!
Last fall I found this packaging idea from WhipperBerry. 

(you didn't stop, did you?  You know who you are!)

Isn't it just beautiful?  But the idea
of giving vanilla seemed a little "eh".
[*snort* & *rolling my eyes*  What did I know??].
That was before--now I'm a big believer!
You all know my passion for cooking with REAL
ingredients.  Why wouldn't I share this with others?
I'll be starting vanilla for lots of people's
Christmas gifts in the next month or so.
It should all be rich in flavor by the holidays!
(and I will be wonderfully DONE with so many gifts!  You can be too!)


Ale jc said...

Ahhh I have been making my own vanilla for decades...when I was in Mexico, teaching pharma, I met a master chef, I still buy my Madagascar vanilla beans from him...there is a trick to get the most of your beans....place them in the vodka opened and heat up vodka before you can it.....This allows the vanilla to be extracted easier...a much more flavourful vanilla in 1/2 the time..

Katy Cameron said...

Sounds seriously yummy! I get some fab vanilla in our supermarket (proper, proper stuff) and got a bunch on sale recently (at £5 a bottle, you want the extremely rare sales!) but I might have to try making my own at some point

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Sounds yummy! I had no idea there was vodka in vanilla!

Amy said...

I didn't stop reading. You knew I wouldn't! LOL! Been wanting to try this myself, however, Marilee just brought me a huge bottle from Mexico!
Just curious...do you know how to make clear vanilla?

Denise said...

I used bourbon for mine and it turned out wonderful. I also put some in a pretty bottle and gave to my mom for Christmas last year.

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