26 June 2012

A Day In the Life

For lack of time and energy,
I thought I'd just throw out what I do on 
a typical summer day.
Cuz, well, I know you all wonder... [rolling eyes]
(it's okay, just humor me and pretend you've read it all!)

3:15 am
   Shut first alarm off, deciding in my sleep that the soaker hose can wait till 6 am
6 am
hit the snooze button on cell phone alarm #2
hit snooze
hit snooze
finally get up, throw on jogging clothes and head out with water bottle
turn water on in garden, let chickens out
walk/jog a couple miles (it's already getting hot and humid)

Head back to garden
Pick zukes, cukes, broccoli and lots of beans (leg killer!)
Apparently at some point here I got stung several times
Feed chickens extra/old produce, greens from garden
and clean out their water dishes
Clean broccoli & half of beans (daughter helped with rest)
Get laundry going
Shower, freak out when I see really odd, dark
round bruises with white & stings/bites in middle
Have daughter check brown recluse spider bites online, just in case
Run son #1 to conditioning camp
Hit 2 groc stores quickly & Michaels (son #2 needs model paint)
Starbucks:  free venti w/extra shot & coffee grounds for garden
Get 2 large bags of grass clippings from a shopping-area's lawn crew
(yes, I have no shame and will ask complete strangers for clippings,
especially when I notice perfect/weedless grass) 
Drop grounds, grass and groceries off at home
Drop off library books
Pick up son #1
Grab three more HUGE bags of grass clippings (again, no shame!)

Put most clippings into compost
Spread rest and coffee grounds in garden and give some to chickens
Vacuum out car (one of the bags came open)
Transfer water to another soaker hose
It's already 100' at this point so another shower is needed
(I've lost track of time)
Make coffee & breakfast for Mom who has stopped in
Can green beans
2 pm
Holy Moley, is it 2??
Have a quick bite, check emails
Pick Swiss chard & parsley (it's now 103' out)
Cut up ham and make filling for manicotti--put in fridge for now
3 pm
Get pasta dough started
Sit down to read for a bit and quick nap

Pick herbs; start on dinner
(I know, should've done this in the morning hours)
Get hubby/son #1 off to baseball game
I sat this one out--waay too hot and it was a sure-win
I hear we got up to 108' today...not sure the official temp
Make marinara
Run to Target as it appears the mozzarella I bought earlier
didn't make it into my grocery bag???
Also back to Michael's as son #2 decided he needed MORE model paint
6 pm
Finally hang out laundry as the farmer around here has been working 
ground and stirring up dust all day
Roll out pasta dough and make manicotti
Research bug/spider bites online--decide I'm going to live
Put beans on, do dishes
Eat dinner
Kids do remaining dishes and get laundry in
Yet another shower
9:15 pm
Crawl into bed for computer and/or reading time
Sleep, glorious sleep

 I'm kind of thinking AUTUMN right now!



Rachel said...

I need a nap just reading that! LOL...

Debbie said...

The only sewing time I see on your schedule is between 3 am and 6 am....beauty rest sounds best. We had a great 2 days of weather but your heat is spreading our way with 100 to arrive Friday. Keep an eye on the bites...all spiders have venom. I am allergic to any of them.

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, glad you decided you were going to live ;o) You'd be loving it here, no sun, no heat, just rain, rain and more rain... Blinking Scottish summers!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

You forgot to knit/sew/craft... what's one more thing, right... lol.

Denise said...

You are busy! I get bit every time I go out. Mosquitoes just love me guess that's because I'm so sweet - snicker. You might want to watch those grass clippings though. My hubby used to pick up clippings and found that all our plants died when the clippings which we composted were applied to the garden. They spray insecticides and weed killers on their lawns to keep them so nice looking so don't use those clippings in your garden. Hated to lose all those little tomatoes and it took several years for that area of the garden to come back too.

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