04 May 2012

What To Do With These Finds...

I don't really hit garage sales these days.
But when there is a tip-off from a friend
that there's a "quilter's sale"...I'm in.

The fabrics were just so-so; none were
"quilt shop" quality but there were all these
homemade little jelly rolls ($4) and huge 
charm packs ($4) to lure me in. 
Each charm pack has about 190 squares!

Can you turn that down--even if it's mediocre
fabric?  And even if you are trying to weed
out your own stash?  This was a tough call,
but in the end, I kept it to a minimum amount.
 (25 cent fat quarters?)

~2 charm super-packs, 2 jelly rolls, 7 fat quarters~
Yes, those are my geese flying around in the background.
I promise, I'm working on them right now!

I just think it looks like some summer fun.
You know, "no-brainer" stuff.
(like I don't have enough "summer fun" in my own stash?)
Maybe a picnic quilt?  Or five?

Oh, and these:

(sorry for the lame pic quality)

This is not my style but these nine 12"-scrappy
blocks are all made up just waiting to be something. 
Any ideas?  They came with directions to make a
large quilt but it's just not for me.  

But for just $2, I could just put them together,
have some FMQ practice and then donate?


Katy Cameron said...

Funnily enough I was thinking practice and donate before I read your final thoughts!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Have fun with your new fabric.

Denise said...

The blocks that are not your style you could make up into a little quilt and donate to the local animal shelter. They always can use some little blankees :)

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