02 May 2012

Summer Sewing Plans

May is an interesting month.

On the one hand, you feel summer coming up...
when all the obligations of school melt away.
And you can't wait.

On the other hand, if you're like me, you feel
your "freedom" slowly melting away, too.
And on that you can wait.

Meanwhile, my mojo is on a roller coaster.
One that, unfortunately, is down more than up.
 So I made a list for motivation.
I'm early for this but I'm sure Fairy Face Designs
will be having a linky soon.

(You can click here or up on the tab if you're interested)
Subject to change... 
REALLY subject to change!
Possibly by the hour...or even minute.

Fall and winter are my big "stitching" months
but maybe putting this list out there will help
me to accomplish something this summer.
Anyone else feel the creative urge slide down
as the temp creeps up?

I did finish the geese (156 for now) and have
cut out the100+ strips.
Just need to put it all together...
you know...sit down at the sewing machine...
and actually SEW....sigh. 
I need a sewing power-pill vitamin.

1 comment:

Katy Cameron said...

Oh, our temps don't really creep up, so not much of a problem ;o) But good luck with your list anyway!

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