23 April 2012

Winter Stitching List "Fess-Up"

Well, it's time to " 'fess up."
I admit that I'm disappointed that I didn't complete 
everything on my list but I do think that I got
more done by having a Winter Stitching List
than I would have without one!
Most of these were on my list, some were not.

FairyFace Designs

Thank you to Fairy Face Designs for hosting!
I know this has been a big help and inspiration
for a lot of crafty bloggers out there.
I'm looking forward to creating a summer list!

13 Owl Pincushions

Table Runner

5 scrappy doll blankets for charity

Halloween Quilt

Three scarves for gifts 

I learned how to knit socks. Completed these first booties.
Have a great pair of socks currently on needles.

Completely scrappy quilt.  A second set of coins cut and ready to go.

Learned to knit in the round.  Made 3 hats for gifts.

Yay!  Finished A Very Merry!

Learned how to knit gloves.   I don't have a current pic of this but I do have some
fingers completed.  Things got busy and I set it aside....and now I don't remember
what the directions mean!  Need to make a trip into the yarn shop!
I am so excited with how these are looking!

Twelve completely scrappy star blocks complete. 
Need to set and quilt.

Latest quilting project I'm working on with the "Flora" fabric line
We'll move this to the summer list!

I've made 2 of these as lunch totes (gifts) & 9 for knitting totes.

Made about 8 business card holders, 10 cel phone holders,
at least 12 cozies.  Most of these have been gifts.

Now, I whipped this list out in a real hurry
so I'm sure I'm forgetting something...?

Here is a really rare thing for me to say but,
"Bring on summer!" as in,
"Bring on that Summer Stitching List!"


Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

You got lots done! Your knitting looks great. I admit I have a pair of half finished socks in my bag..destined never to be done I think!! Thanks for linking up :-)

annemarie said...

Impressive finishes - I will never figure out how you accomplish all that you do!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Those owl pincushions are the cutest!

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