11 April 2012

What Do You Adore?

Ah, la joie de la vie!
What is up with my Fran├žais humeur?

Je t'adore tissu.
Look what's 50% off today?
And just when I've started in on this whole
French-everything mood!
It is a truth universally accepted that buying fabric
will absolutely inspire you to spend the day
in your sewing room...maybe even the rest of the week!
(someone's been reading Austen...)
We'll see what I come up with.
The sun is out but there is nothing but rain
predicted--perfect sewing weather. 
(really loving this rainy spring we're having!)

(Julie & Julia)

J'adore la cuisine.
Julia, I raise my glass to you.
And thanks for the cookbook...

which just arrived yesterday.

While sitting at my son's soccer practice,
I pulled up some French cafe music on Pandora
and started reading. 
(just bought this for my new prayer garden--more on that later.)

Just as Julie reads in the movie,
Julia's forward does start out,
"This is a cookbook for the servantless American cook..."
(Giggle...guess I'm going to have to let my servants go...)
Well, it was written 50 years ago.
Anyone else have this book?
I'm seriously considering the whole "Julie & Julia" thing.
There is no way I can do that in 365 days
but I think I could work on it for...
well, however long it takes.

Just yesterday, several people asked me gardening questions--one of my "triggers". 
Along with sewing...and cooking...and...

Don't we all have things we just love to talk about? 
And it's not in any sort of "know it all" kind of way, right?  You're just extremely passionate about these topics
because you're extremely passionate about doing them!

I used to worry someone would think I am being
bossy or know-it-all when I get, well...triggered.
But lately, I've just kind of stopped caring.
(that seems to happen when you turn 40...)
Those that know me well should know that I am not.
And they should also know that so much of what
I've learned has been through my own humbling mistakes!
And, that I love to hear other people talk about their
passions, too, and see them be just so full of....life!

What would life BE without our passions?
(I dunno, but this extra shot in my caramel macchiato really has me going!)


Debbie said...

Passion....that's a good word for us as bloggers. Isn't that what we do, express our passions?
Fresh foods, and fresh french foods---you are going to be a very busy girl. Loved the movie and Julia but rarely attempt anything too extravagant in my cooking anymore. It's the age thing.
So yes, be passionate--I've been called bossy and know it all---at my age I finally learned to just be me.

annemarie said...

Love your passion - love all your posts - please do not ever change!! I love that you talk about a variety of topics - that is what will hold a reader's interest.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I love that film! You'll have to be Julia though, so you can be extravagently exuberant rather than Julie having a series of meltdowns ;o)

Brenda Pruitt said...

We seem to have a lot in common!

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