14 April 2012

Welcome to Kansas

Welcome to our part of the world.

This is our home and this is what we live with.
We don't make light of it at all, but we are used to it.
I admit to joking that you can always tell a native
Kansan because we're the ones outside watching.
But we know. Like tonight.

That above one is pretty neat, isn't it?
(these pics are circulating around Facebook--both from today's storms) 

Tonight they're popping up all around us.
Big ones.
It's frustrating at night because you can't see what's
coming at you.  So you trust the news--and the sirens.
Reports of tornadoes up to a mile wide,
heading your way in the dark will send even us
native Kansans to safer places.
  We're in the clear for now but it doesn't look
like we're done. 

Welcome to Kansas!


Rachel said...

Be safe :-)

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Incredible photos. Must be very scary - stay safe Cheree.xx

Katy Cameron said...

Well I do hope you've got your red sparkly shoes on...

Debbie said...

I was thinking of you last night during the news. So glad you posted so we know the coffee queen is safe. This outbreak is surreal. Stay safe.

Christine-The Quilt Dasher said...

I'm from Jordan, Iowa and know all about these whoppers. An F5 took out our farm and the entire town when I was 16, back in 1976. It was a mile wide, and we watched from the car as it swallowed everything.

I cringe today when I hear news of the storms predicted in the midwest. Prayers are with you!

Christine www.quiltdasher.blogspot.com

Little Pink Rose said...

Hi Cheree! I grew up in Northwest Missouri, where my dad would always send us to the basement storm shelter, while he stood on the porch and watched the storm coming. We always knew when it was really bad out, because that's when dad would finally join us in the basement. Being a native of the Midwest, I always found tornadoes absolutely fascinating and mesmerizing. So much power and even in a strange sense beauty wrapped up in a tornado. Of course the destruction they cause makes it difficult to see their beauty.

annemarie said...

jWow those are quite some pictures. I have been thinking about you all day - the news keeps talking about Nebraska and Kansas. Hope you are safe - this is really pretty scary stuff.

Cathy said...


Brooke said...

Hope your are safe and sound?

We had one tear through our neck of the woods week before last. I love big storms, but when they hit close to home, or when they devastate people in communities, I am greatly humbled.

You have a wonderful blog. So glad I found you today!

My husband's entire family is in Kansas. I love going there to visit. The best of the midwest. I'm most envious of the soil there, and the ability to grow anything and everything in a garden!

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