21 April 2012

Saturdays In The Garden: Spring Update

I stepped into the garden to snap a few pictures
for an update...but  then I couldn't control myself.

The weather was so nice! 

After some pretty hard and fast work, 
the garden is now packed with plants--so even
these pics are outdated!  
There's always next weekend, but for now...

A lot has occurred since I last posted on the garden.

The potatoes have been pretty staggered in making
their appearances.  No complaints, though.
We're happy to see them.  And spreading out
their arrivals just means we can spread out the
harvest--and that's a good thing.

We've been enjoying the lettuces, spinach and
radishes so I've planted more--again,
to ensure a long season.

Onions are all well but look what the rain brought?
Don't worry, I've already taken care of these weeds.
More on that next week.

 Remember the strawberry bed I built up?

Here it is with 20 new pampered plants.  I'm
missing strawberries a lot, especially with all of this 
fresh yogurt, but we'll have them again next year.

You'll note the asparagus spread out within the bed.
This is the only area that never gets worked so,
when planting the asparagus years ago, I felt
it was the best place for them.  So far, they all
get along well together so it seems a good decision.

I always put cans around the broccoli
but it just doesn't seem to deter the bunnies.
This year, I got smarter and topped the cans with
nets from purchased produce (like oranges).
So far, so good.
I also put some up in this barrel planter--
but see?  Still nibbled on.

Do squirrels eat broccoli???
Speaking of pests,
look at this sad specimen of basil.

I do my best to keep the garden completely
organic but I'm afraid with the mild winter we had,
chemical warfare just might be in order.  For now,
I've tried an organic insecticide.  We'll see...

I've  more herbs to show next week--
hopefully without bug bites!

One of 22 tomato plants--
I'm gearing up for lots of canning.

Grapes are showing.

Blackberries are starting to bloom.

I love to see everything growing out there.
The chicken run has "grown", and the new chicks
are growing feathers.  Even in the sewing room  
there are geese growing.  So many pics
to post this next week!

Tilling in compost before planting the peppers.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Katy Cameron said...

Lucky you with the nice weather, we have rain lol

Little Pink Rose said...

Cheree, I absolutely LOVE your garden!! Seeing it all has made me long even more to be able to have a garden again. We now live in an HOA where we're not allowed to have a vegetable garden. I am seriously considering doing some container gardening to get some of those fresh tomatoes and things I love. Thanks for sharing your garden with us!!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

What an amazing garden you have. I wish that I had the green thumb that you do - alas, it is black and plants are safer if I don't attempt to nurture them.. lol.

Debbie said...

Your garden looks wonderful...and all the extra improvements.

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