26 March 2012

A Well-Deserved Day in the Sewing Room

Let's start out with a quick summary of last week:

Spring Break
Kids all home
Introducing a new cat to the family cat
Lots of yard/garden work
Lost power
Days and days of rain
Modem died
Spring cleaning
Impromptu garage sale
(went very well, btw)
Small birthday party
Treated the girls to pedicures
(this is a first--I'm usually pretty practical)
Prepping for baby chicks
(which were supposed to arrive today but somehow no one knows anything about them!?)
Worked on chicken run
Painted some shutters

Ok...that's not all of it but I'll stop there.  You get the idea.
Yesterday, with everyone back to school,
 I spent more time gardening, hauling heavy compost,
a little tilling and planting herbs, flowers,
strawberries and a few tomatoes.
And I'm just kinda worn out from all of it. 
(somebody got out of shape over the winter!)

(New kitty, first minutes home--very happy but hiding under my daughter's bed!)

Today rain is predicted.  But you know what?
Rain or no rain, I'm grabbing a venti latte and taking
part of some much-needed sewing therapy. 
 'Nuff said.

And I'm not emerging till I've finished some things!

What's everyone doing today?


annemarie said...

Good for you - you deserve it!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Aaaaaand relax... ;o)

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