16 March 2012

Saturday In The Garden


As I've mentioned, I really like to just use whatever
God sends us for my garden.  When we recently
replaced our wooden front porch railing & posts
with all vinyl pieces, we kept the old 6X6 posts to

   Hey, how about a retaining wall for my strawberry bed?
(I'm not sure I like that it's white but it probably won't be
for long--plus, the plants will vine down a little over them.)
Once I had the posts in, I added a little extra soil
and peat.  Next, a thin layer of horse manure;
I plan on topping even that off with compost soon.  
The last two years were really hard on my strawberry
bed but I think all of these steps, along with the addition
of some new plants, should bring it back around nicely
The extra height should also look great as it is
along a back wall to the whole garden. 
I know--it doesn't look so hot now...
just give me another month or so!

I also helped the dh out with the fence repair by mitering
the tops of the boards that we repurposed for the pickets.
(yeah, that's me back there using power tools--hear me roar.)

My younger son was a big help.
(my other son was sick--and really bummed because
they both love to work out there with their dad!)

And here is my "new" fence--all broken parts
repaired and the fence extended, now complete
 on this entire side.  We're thinking of moving the
chicken coop (no small endeavor, I promise you!) and adding
a much-needed run--which would be right along
the next side of the fence...so that has us at a
stand-still for now till we decide how to go about it all.

Growing Update
Onions and all varieties of lettuces, spinach
and radishes are all up.  Watching for the potatoes
and peas to poke through any time.
(Where are the carrots?)
Fruit trees are all blooming.  (Please don't freeze now!)

1) Find more tree mulch--pathways need it asap
2) Plant more strawberries
3) Plan chicken run
4) Move chicken coop
5) Prep for new chickens--due on the 26th!


Debbie said...

When you say garden...you mean big old garden plot! Love the new re-done fence. You are going to have a super busy summer.
btw....your banner above looks wonderful. Very fresh and neat. great job.

Katy Cameron said...

Have fun plotting for those chicken! Looks like you've done a great job on the garden so far

annemarie said...

What a fun life you have - I could really enjoy all this - reminds me of my childhood with the gardens and chickens!

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